Initial Investment:  2018

Investment Status:  N/A

Investment Structure:  Equity

Fund:  Tokarz Investment Fund

Industry:  IoT SAAS



About: Trynzic bridges the gap between advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and traditional business processes to help utilities providers deliver a completely new kind of service experience. Trynzic’s IoT platform – Cere™ – is used by utility distributors to turn never-ending streams of raw, smart meter data into polished, predictive business workflows. Built on Microsoft Azure, Cere combines event-driven architecture and serverless computing to give providers an affordable way to process, prioritize and respond to utility issues like outages or equipment failures in real-time – and in some cases before they even occur. Trynzic’s team of world-class engineers and software architects is dedicated to helping businesses in utilities and beyond use IoT data to reimagine what processes can do and re-engineer how work works.